Lean Logistics

«Born to make production more efficient, “Lean Organization” can have a significant impact also on Logistics. The basic principle “war to waste” is applicable also to warehouse management with remarkable results even in the short run»

Nicola Rigobello
Senior Expert for Lean Transformation

Lean Logistics is a set of Lean Transformation methods and tools applied to logistic processes and to warehouse management.

This application, often overlooked by the traditional Lean approach, is very important to achieve excellent levels of customer service and customer satisfaction, which means an increase in sales and a significant continuous improvement in the company’s organisation.

Many tools are available in lean logistics: 5S method encourages order and cleanliness, VSM helps mapping and improving processes, performance indicators allow a continuous monitoring of logistic processes.
Information systems specific for Logistics are also available, for instance WMS (Warehouse Management System) which gives a significant support to warehouse operations and management.
Another approach, still not much used by SMEs but widely used in the automotive, fashion and food sectors and in large retailers is Logistic Outsourcing. Outsourcing warehouse operations can become a competitive advantage because it allows economies of scale and can benefit from the high competences of logistics providers while at the same time it ensures a high level of customer service and performance control.

The advantages of Lean Logistics are generally very significant: elimination of waste, better operational efficiency, better customer service, lower financial costs.

In order to get these results it is necessary to apply methods like 5S, that improves order and tidiness, and VMS that supports process mapping and improvement.

A reduction in movements and transports, an efficient maintenance and an effective performance monitoring system are among the most important measures to improve the efficiency of logistic activities and warehouse management.

Specialized information systems like WMS (Warehouse Management System) can make all logistic activities faster and more efficient.

Another solution, still not much used by SMEs, but largely used by large scale retailers as well as companies in the automotive, food and fashion sectors is logistics outsourcing. To delegate warehouse management and distribution to a third party can become a competitive advantage because it makes it possible to benefit from the economies of scale and the competencies of the logistic provider, while, at the same time, ensuring a high level of customer service and a complete control of the activities performed.

Training – Master Classes and Workshops on Lean Logistics

Our workshop on Lean Logistics deals with the Lean techniques and methods that can be applied in order to improve warehouse management, stock levels and transports. Special attention is devoted also to information systems like WMS and to the outsourcing of logistic services.


We support our clients in planning and executing Lean Transformation projects in the logistic area.

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