Strategy and lean marketing

«In my experience one of the main effects of the Lean Transformation, as well as improve customer service and reduce waste and stocks, it is to free up capacity. This higher capacity results in a waste if the company is not able to transform it into new sales opportunities and growth»

Matteo Miotto
Senior Consultant in marketing and business development

Lean Marketing is very important both before and after a Lean Transformation process. Before starting a Lean Transformation a preliminary step is needed: the company must choose the products on which to stake its future. This step we call “Product conception” and is often overlooked by Lean hardliners who are concerned only with the manufacturing aspects. In the conception phase Marketing, with its knowledge of the market and of customers’ needs, plays a key role. But it plays a major role also after the Lean Transformation has been implemented. The productive capacity freed up by the Lean Transformation must be “sold” and turned into more revenues and profits. This often requires a restructuring of the sales network and a new communication strategy. As Lean Transformation is a process that, once started, never ends, Marketing is a very important actor in the process because it is an agent of continuous innovation and of ever increasing capacity to turn continuous internal improvements into a never ending capacity to compete.

Better product selection: instead of putting on the market a large number of products in the hope that at least a few of them are successful, it is better to select only those products which, according to the opinion of the Managers of different Areas, can meet market expectations.

More sales: the capacity freed up by Lean Transformation is turned into more revenues through appropriate marketing actions.

More profits: the improved quality of products and services, the capacity to reduce wastes and costs produce, together with the increase in sales, a better profitability.

Increased competitiveness: the continuous improvement process and the never ending war against waste allows the company to remain competitive.

Training – Master Class on Marketing and Innovation

GC&P proposes periodically an Innovation and Marketing Master Class, an advanced course on Marketing and Innovation, two closely linked themes. Our Master Class includes two very intense days of both theoretical and practical lessons in which our experts explain Marketing methods and techniques and the correlation between Marketing and product conception. Our Master Class can be held for a single company or for a group of companies.


Our experts can analyze a company’s Marketing Area and identify possible improvement actions. We also help companies carry out their improvement plans (selection and animation of sales force, market studies, communication plans, business development in foreign countries etc.).

Temporary Management

When a client is in need of a person to run the Marketing Area for a period of time, we can assume the role of Temporary Managers. In this case our role is that of running the area and at the same time to identify and train the person who will become the Marketing Manager after the end of our mandate.

Our experts


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