PRIVACY: 16 hours of funded training to comply with the new regulations

We propose 2 days of free training funded by European Social Fund to companies wanting to know more about the problems of Privacy and how to comply with European regulations GDPR concerning Privacy.

The contents of our training path will be:

  • an in depth analysis of the problems of privacy and cyber security,
  • a presentation of the new regulations,
  • a few practical suggestions to comply with the new regulations in an effective and efficient way.

It is an opportunity not to miss!

The meetings will take place on 15 and 22 June 2018, in Belluno, at the premises of Larin Group (Via Ippolito Caffi, n. 17), download brochure!

Our training path is intended for companies residing in Veneto and will involve companies of all sectors.

Each company becomes partner of the project and can participate with its owners, partners, managers or employees.

Contact us to register your company!