In the global economy companies compete on a worldwide scale and may have customers, branches and factories all over the world. As a consequence a consulting firm must be able to serve its clients everywhere in the world and to provide them the best organizational methods and practices.

We at GC&P think that the best way to do so is to establish partnerships with first class consulting firms.

GC&P India is a GC&P’s branch that operates in the Indian market. Its premises are in Mumbai, the financial hub and economic centre of the country. GC&P India supports Italian and European small and medium companies in all the activities needed to penetrate the Indian market: preliminary market researches, selection of potential customers and distributors, set up of sales networks, representative offices and local branches.

Vero Via Assessoria Empresarial is a Brazilian consulting firm that supports Companies and Managers to overcome moments of crisis.

Thanks to its team of high level professionals with different expertise and experience it is in a position to offer a complete service to its clients.

Vero Via Assessoria Empresarial and GC&P cooperate in order to help companies to develop their business with Brazil and to improve their organizations by applying Lean principles and methods.

Ethics is a no-profit consortium with a clear focus on research and development. Founded originally for research and development on ICT, it later started operating in electronics, renewable energy, biology, food.

GC&P joined the consortium in 2013, to develop a new area of research: process and organization innovation. Today GC&P and Ethics work together to spread process innovation inside small and medium-size organizations of North-East Italy.

Manufactus GmbH is a German firm located in Munchen, which develops innovative software to support the optimization of manufacturing and logistic processes.

Manufactus is specialized in the development of e-kanban (electronic kanban) solutions now widely used by many companies of all dimensions wishing to improve their production processes according to a pull logic.

Manufactus software is particularly user friendly because of its simplicity and because it imitates the traditional kanban boards with the advantage that they can be accessed via web with the result to greatly improve integration with suppliers.

Thanks to their complementary competences GC&P e Manufactus are in a position to offer their clients both methods and software needed to support a Lean Transformation process.

IDI (Istituto Dirigenti Italiani), a joint institution of Confapi and Federmanager, was founded with the mission to spread management culture and to help Managers improve and increase their professional competence.

IDI Foundation has become over time a real “House for SMEs” for its dynamism and its capacity to interpret the educational needs of Managers and Entrepreneurs. IDI proposes qualified training sessions on innovative themes that have a direct and significant impact on the future development of companies.

IDI has chosen GC&P as a partner for the training on such themes as organisation development, process improvement and business development.

La fornace dell’innovazione is a nonprofit organization based in Asolo in the Veneto Region. The aim of La Fornace is to encourage startups of new companies and innovation in existing ones and develop a knowledge based economy in the area.

GC&P chose as Head Office La Fornace dell’Innovazione first and foremost because GC&P’s commitment to Innovation and to create a network at regional, national and international level to promote innovation matches with the mission of La Fornace.

GC&P and La Fondazione work together to contribute with articles, seminars, events, workshops to business management innovation at local, national and international level.

DYHI is a management and consulting company specializing in business process analysis and improvements based in Istanbul.

DYHI services refer to the practice of helping companies to improve performance through analysis of existing business problems, development of action plans and implementation.

In order to answer to new challenges and reach a global market, DYHI and GC&P formed a strategic alliance, whose main goal is to spread and develop lean principles and techniques in European and Asian companies.

DYHI is a founding member of The Leverage Services Network (LSN) and of The European Laboratory for Innovation and Performance (ELIP).

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